When teeth are missing, they can often be replaced by titanium implants.

Dr. Padula has trained extensively (see his Bio) to provide his patients with all the treatment necessary to replace a tooth or teeth with implants. This avoids the need to be seen outside the office.

Implants are considered root replacement therapy. They occupy the space under the gums where the root used to be when a tooth was present. They are non invasive and are a comfortable experience from start to finish.

After an implant is healed and the surrounding bone has matured, Dr Padula will take impressions to fabricate an abutment. Finally, a crown is cemented on top of the abutment (in the case of single tooth replacement), or dentures can be fabricated to attach or snap into the implant (s).

Feel free to contact our office at 518-346-2500 and Dr. Padula will be more than willing to discuss these procedures in more detail.