Invisalign is a technique used to align teeth without the need for conventional metal brackets and wires.

It can give you the beautiful straight teeth and smile you’ve always wanted using a series of nearly invisible, removable and comfortable aligners.

Dr. Shieh has trained extensively in orthodontics (see her Bio) has been certified as an Invisalign provider.  She has treated many patients with great success.

Here’s how it works:  Impressions are taken of your teeth. These impressions are sent to Invisalign where they are scanned into a computer. Together with the Invisalign technicians, Dr. Shieh will then design the improved tooth position and occlusion.  The Invisalign aligners are then fabricated under the direction of the computer program.

For more information give our office a call at 518-346-2500 or see the Invisalign  website.