Microdentistry involves the use of magnification and illumination, along with state of the art technologies, to diagnose and treat decay at the earliest possible stage, and to minimize the removal of healthy tooth structure.

At our office we use the latest technologies to diagnose decay earlier than we ever could before. In addition to magnification, illumination, x-ray, and use of the dental explorer, we now also use a laser cavity detecting device, the Kavo Diagnodent. The laser actually ‘looks’ into the tooth, and can diagnose early decay before it becomes evident (and larger) on the surface.

When we diagnose decay early, we can use air abrasion to remove only the diseased tooth structure. Typically the use of the drill and local anesthesia is not needed. With the precision allowed by magnification and air abrasion, less tooth structure is removed, so the tooth remains strong after a bonded tooth colored composite is placed.

If we can’t detect decay early enough then conventional style dentistry is required.  This is why we strive to treat early when necessary.