Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is the thorough cleaning, shaping and filling of the canal space contained within the roots of the teeth. A sealing material replaces the diseased or damaged nerve structure. Root canal therapy is successful most of the time (over 90%), and is usually the recommended treatment for a tooth that has decayed into the nerve, abscessed, or had irreversible nerve damage. The procedure normally takes one or two visits. Alternative treatment can be extraction, which is normally followed by replacement of the tooth in some manner. Our office philosophy is to save teeth when we can.

Root canal treatment can usually be done in complete comfort with modern anesthetic techniques. Post-operative discomfort is usually minimal, and can be easily controlled with the use of long acting anesthetics, and anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin.

Root canal treatment, in most cases, is followed by a reinforcement post and a crown or cap to prevent possible fracture.